What is the Statistical database?

Since January 1997, Statistics Sweden has had databases available on the Internet. The aim is to provide increased access to statistics and allow users to easily download information to their own computers.

Statistical database

Content and search
The Statistical database contains a large amount of official statistics that Statistics Sweden is responsible for. Also included are official statistics from other statistical authorities. The database contains a number of tables where selected information can be presented on the screen, in print or transmitted to the user's computer for further processing.

The search process can be made in three ways:

  • via the link ”NYA SIFFROR – Välj från senast uppdaterade tabeller” (only in the Swedish version of the website). ”Nya siffror” shows the latest updated tables in the Statistical database.
  • via the subject areas
  • or via Search the Statistical database.

The Statistical database is available free-of-charge. When making minor retrievals of less than 10000 table cells, registration is not necessary. For larger retrievals and some future supplementary services, registration is done by completing the registration form.

Large statistical files (PC-Axis) (only in the Swedish version of the website)
The database capacity is limited when it comes to large retrievals. In order to best serve users of very large retrievals, ready-made statistics files in PC-Axis format have been created, mainly for regionally distributed material.

PC-Axis is software that handles very large statistical tables. PC-Axis can be used for processing ready-made statistics files or PC-Axis files from the database. The program can also pass on the statistics to other programs such as spreadsheets, etc. PC-Axis can be downloaded free-of-charge from this website.

Services in connection with the Statistical databases

Tailor-made database retrievals on CD-ROM or diskette
Tailor-made retrievals can be ordered for delivery on diskette or CD-ROM. The price depends on the production cost.

Micro databases
Micro databases are available after a harm test of de-identified (anonymised) data is done at Statistics Sweden. More information on registers is available in Documentation of statistics (only in the Swedish version of the website).

Courses are held regularly (in Swedish) as an aid for those who want to use the Statistical database. For more information on contents, times and prices of courses, check the Swedish version of the website Kurser.

For more information, please contact Statistics Sweden's Information services
Postal address: Box 24300, SE-10451 Stockholm, Sweden
Telefax: +46-8-506 948 99
Telephone: +46-8-506 948 01

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