License terms for PC-Axis

Statistics Sweden's Terms of Agreement (27 January 2003)

1. Applicability
The following terms and conditions shall apply to the use of software PC-Axis when accessing the Statistical Database in Sweden's Statistical Databases on the Internet.

2. License conditions for PC-Axis
2.1 The software PC-Axis has been developed by Statistics Sweden and is protected by the regulations of the Swedish Copyright Act (SFS 1960:729). By down loading PC-Axis, the client receives a non-exclusive, non- transferable right to use PC-Axis for processing statistical information.
2.2 PC-Axis may only be used by the client and may be made available on the client's internal network. PC- Axis may thereby be copied for usage on several workstations belonging to the client.
2.3 At public libraries PC-Axis may be used by visitors to the library.
2.4 PC-Axis may not be altered by the client. The client may also not transfer, lend, let out on hire, or make any other legal disposals concerning the software.
2.5 All the client's users shall be informed about these license terms.

3. Copyright infringement
Any unpermitted copying or distribution of Statistics Sweden's PC-Axis software is an infringement of Statistics Sweden's rights, and violators may be prosecuted according to regulations in the Swedish copyright law (SFS 1960:729).

4. Confirmation of terms
By downloading this software, you have confirmed your agreement to the above terms for use of PC-Axis!

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Last updated: 2009-01-30